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Residential Architects for St Albans and Hertfordshire

AURA Architecture have a small team based in St Albans, backed up by a larger team of residential architects and home designers in the main offices at Clapham, London.

From our St Albans office, our architects are well placed to serve the whole of Hertfordshire.

We understand that your property is both a valuable asset, and at the same time, where you live, eat, sleep, and socialise.  Therefore we aim to provide you with a home to suit your specific lifestyle, while maximising its value in this sought-after commuter district.

Although gardens in St Albans and Hertfordshire are typically more extensive than in London, our creative architect skills in maximising space are still applicable.  No-one wants to lose more garden than they need to when they extend, and our clients are often surprised how much space we can create in our home designs.

And if you’re working from home, our skills in designing home or garden offices is something you may want to consider, either as a stand-alone project or as an integral part of a more extensive home renovation.

We’re experienced working with Grade Listed buildings and period properties in Conservation Areas and our architects understand the importance of maintaining the heritage of St Albans as a cathedral city.  Our architects can work with planners across Hertfordshire who are keen to protect its quintessentially English heritage, yet still upgrading your home to meet your modern living requirements.

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aura homes clapham
aura homes clapham

Why AURA Architecture for St Albans and Hertfordshire?


AURA Architecture has a team of award-winning architects serving St Albans, Hertfordshire, UK.  We have a wealth of knowledge about the housing types and planning requirements in the St Albans area, including the 19 conservation areas within this heritage-rich city.

We are masters of home design and can make your dream house a reality.

Our mission behind all our architectural designs is to focus on maximising your space and creating well lit, energy-efficient living homes, tailored to your needs and tastes, yet maximising the future resale value at the same time.

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Voted Most Trusted Architecture Firm in 2019


In 2019, AURA won an award from Build Magazine as the ‘Most Trusted Architecture Practice in Greater London’.

You can also view our online reviews on Google, along with the comments of other home-owners who have used our architect services.  Currently, we have 16 reviews on Google and an average rating of 4.9/5.

Or check out our profile on Houzz, where we score 5/5 across 12 independent reviews from satisfied clients.

We’re extremely proud of our open and honest approach to the home design process together with the technical expertise of our architects and designers.


St Albans Architect Award


New-Build House Clapham, London – TESTIMONIAL:

“As the project evolved it was crystal clear that we saved a significant amount of time and money as a result of having a comprehensive package and most importantly we got what we wanted on budget”

We Understand St Albans Architecture


St Albans is a cathedral city of historical significance. We understand that you will want any new build home to blend well with the surrounding houses and their period charm. Likewise, extensions to existing properties need to seamlessly complement your existing home.

Whether you’re renovating an existing home or building a new home, you will need an experienced St Albans architect that is familiar with housing styles in the area.

An ultra-modern design will clash with homes that are 100 years old or more and is unlikely to obtain approval from the planners at St Albans Council.

AURA has a track record blending in the modern features you need, such as energy efficiency and high levels of natural light, into elegant Victorian and Edwardian era homes.

See our project pages for many examples of period homes that have utilised our architectural services.

As St Albans architects, we are familiar with the history and style of homes in the city, and we will design your home to be in keeping with the theme of the area.


3D Visualisation


Our state of the art 3D visualisation service can save you a lot of time and money in the long run.

Compared with the cost of your home refurbishment, the small cost of a 3D visualisation is well worth it, preempting potential issues before the first contractor arrives, and saving costly changes or delays mid-project.


Making full use of space


Very few people complain of having too much storage space. Aura Architecture specialises in designing or renovating homes to make the maximum use of space without appearing cluttered.

View this 3D animation video of a house with walls fully utilised into shelving.

Creating well lit, energy-efficient homes


One of Aura Architecture’s special areas of expertise is creating designs that make maximum use of natural light. Many older style homes in St Albans can be dark and cold. Let our architects design your home renovation to take full advantage of natural light, giving you an improved sense of wellbeing as you go about your daily life at home.

View the amazing transformation of this Award Winning Victorian property.

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Architect Costs in St Albans and Hertfordshire


As a modern and trustworthy architect, AURA has a transparent fixed fee structure, which you can view online here.

Our fixed fees contrast with many St Albans architecture firms architects, who charge a percentage of the project cost.

Our quotes are also fully itemised and present all costs right at the start so that you can make an educated decision on which architect to choose, because all of the costs to consider are laid out in black and white before we begin.




From our St Albans studio, we can also provide architect services to homeowners and property developers in Luton, and work with the Luton council planning team.

Architects in Hertfordshire


Architects in Hertfordshire need to be adaptable and understand the intricacies of the diverse villages and towns that make up this beautiful area of England.

From Bayford with its average house price of over £1.3 million to Stevenage where housing is much more affordable, our architects understand the distinct requirements of each area of Hertfordshire, and will design your home to suit.

If you are a property developer in Hertfordshire, our architects will provide expert advice and help you to maximise the value and profit of your housing development.  View our property developer architect blog post for further details.


Obtaining Planning Permission for Home Improvements in Hertfordshire


We work with you as a homeowner to provide the home of your dreams, and also work with the planning departments of the various councils across Hertfordshire:

Book your consultation with a St Albans Architect


As your chosen St Albans or Hertfordshire architecture firm, we provide a full architectural consultation. The combined experience of our Hertfordshire architects can take care of the whole designing, planning and building process from start to finish. We are here to assist you with every step of your dream home journey.


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aura homes clapham
aura homes clapham
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