How to find an Architect that you can Trust? | AURA Architecture How to find an Architect that you can Trust? | AURA Architecture

How to chose an Architect

Read our  3step guide below to discover more.

  Finding the right architect for you can be tricky. How do you know when to fully trust an architect with major changes to your home?

Its key to find a professional, highly recommended and reliable architect or designer which has experience on similar schemes as your project.

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Why do I need an architect or designer?

The simple answer is that not every project requires an architect. But, it’s a well-known fact that employing a reliable, qualified architect or designer to work on your scheme will add value to your home through: 

  • unique and creative designs 
  • maximising space and light in your property 
  • high quality specifications and well considered finishes 

  So, youre guaranteed to enjoy your ideal home when you employ an architect. But what about during the build process itself? Most architects are able to take the stress of home improvement works from homeowners by: 

  • Thinking about the details upfront.
    • This means no nasty surprises and additional costs during the build, when you realise there isn’t enough head height on the stairs to be able to walk up them safely. 
  • Making the planning and building control approval process easy.
    • Architects and designers have been through these processes many times before, and have experience in what meets the requirements and what doesn’t. In our case, Aura Architecture has a 95% planning approval success rate, which reduces stress, time and cost for our homeowners. 
  • Keeping on top of your selected contractors.
    • Architects and designers can produce a specification of works to ensure you receive comparable like for like quotes, and the best price for your works. And, they can keep on top of the build progress of works for you, making sure your builder is on track and within budget. 

  We at Aura Architecture want to help you select a trusted and reliable architect for your home improvement works – whether it is us or not! So, we have complied a 3step guide of things to look for throughout the selection process. 

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Step 1 – Things to look for when you are shortlisting an architect or designer: 


  • Do you have any family, friends or colleagues who have employed an architect or designer in your area? Personal recommendations can give you the peace of mind that the architect is experienced, reliable and gives great customer service.  
  • If you don’t have any personal recommendations, start looking for those architects with great reviews in your local area. Try searching Google for ‘Trusted’ and ‘Reliable’ architects or look on HouzzTrustpilot or their personal website.  
  • Check out the architect on their website and social media pages. Only select architects which have up to date information on these channels, and who showcase examples of their previous work and client reviews. You could also check out their Houzz and Pinterest board to see examples and gain some inspiration for your project! 
  • Whilst on their website, look out for their qualifications. Are they registered with the Architects Registration Board (ARB)? This is a mandatory requirement of all architects in the UK, so do not work with a company without this. Many architects are also RIBA qualified.  At AURA Architecture we have a talented team of architects, trainee architects, technicians and architectural engineers. 
  • Does the architect have any award certifications? This is key when understanding the quality of their work and experience in a variety of schemes and projects. We at Aura Architecture are proud to have two awards including ‘Most Trusted Architectural Practice 2019 – Greater London’ by Build Magazine. 

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Architect Enquiry

Step 2 – Things to look for contacting your shortlist of architects 

  So, now you’ve had a bit of time to do some research in your local area, and you have your shortlist of preferred designers. Here are some things to look out for when you reach out for a home design consultation and a personalised quote. 

  • Do you have an opportunity to speak to the architect or designer on the phone about your brief? This is an important step, so you can understand if the architect has the right skills for your job and time within their schedule to take it on. Make sure you do this before you invite them to your home for a design consultation, as often this involves a fee. 
  • Throughout the brief process, do the architects showcase good communication skills? Do they understand your vision? Do they provide ideas of their own to add value to your home? If so, its likely the architect has experience within similar projects, and is committed to your job and keen to win your business.  
  • Do you have ‘chemistry’ with the architect and designer? Do they speak in a language that you can understand, rather than technical jargon? It’s important the architect takes time to talk you through the design process step-by-step, and is also transparent with costs, timelines and any possible constraints in your project. If you feel the architect is hiding something or gives vague answers to your questions, take caution! 

Step 3 – Things to look for when selecting your chosen architect 

  Now that you have had time to brief and meet your shortlist, you’ll be eager to select your chosen architect or designer, and start moving on creating your ideal home!  Before you make that final decision, you should ensure that you carefully compare the shortlist and make the right selection for you. Here are some of our top tips, and things to look out for: 

  • Compare the fee proposal. Is the proposal itemised, so that you know exactly what you are getting at each stage? Is there an opportunity for hidden costs? At Aura Architecture, we offer an itemised quote for each of our projects, for absolute transparency.  
  • Does the designer offer a fixed fee, or is there a chance for hidden, extra fees later down the line? At Aura Architecture, we offer a fixed fee – so whatever cost we put in our proposal, we stick to – even if that means we work a couple of extra hours to make your ideal home.* 
  • It’s easy to simply select the architect who gives you the cheapest quote, but it’s also key to think about value for money. Which architect will provide you with your ideal home, and timely, great customer service? Which architect has demonstrated that they not only understand your vision for the project, but also that they can add value to your scheme and ultimately the property value too?  

  *Changes to scope of works within a project, will result in additional costs. Fixed fee applies to projects where there is no change in the scope of works. 

We understand there is a lot to think about when selecting an architect!


We at Aura Architecture pride ourselves on our open and transparent service, so if you are looking to start your next home improvement project, create your brief or contact us today 
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