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How AURA Architecture will maximise value from your Property Development

AURA Architecture was founded by Ben Richards, who has previously worked with architects, engineers and one of the most notorious property development companies in the South East of the UK – the Berkeley Group. Ben helped add 10’s of millions of pounds to the bottom line of some vast property development schemes in SW London.

His team have also worked in-house for property developers running feasibility studies and development appraisals, together with carrying out some of their own investments and developments. This is why AURA bring a ‘Maximising’ and ‘Optimising’ mindset to all of our clients’ property development schemes.

Ben runs AURA Architecture with his talented team of Architects and Designers. He also co-owns a property development business named ‘EXP Property’ ( to understand the entire property development life-cycle and commercial aspects of any design that AURA create.

His network of construction professionals, agents, financiers and designers is a huge asset that he can bring to your property development project. He’s even brokered a cash injection of £270,000 to help one of his developer clients.

So call 0203 189 1619 or email to discuss how AURA can maximise value from your subsequent property development.

A Design Feasibility will help you figure out how many dwellings you can get on site.

The first place an architect will start with any property development is with a Design Feasibility. This involves reviewing all the relevant site constraints and a space planning exercise to develop and test the site possibilities. The goal of this development feasibility study is to:

  •  Establish the project aims
  •  Help understand what planning permissions are needed and what is likely to be approved
  •  Create a sketch plan of the site
  •  Create a Schedule of Accommodation
  •  Enable a Quantity Surveyor to put a budget cost analysis together

 All of the above will enable property developers and commercial architects to complete their financial appraisals and better understand what value they can offer a vendor for purchasing the land/property.

An AURA design feasibility will start from £500 + VAT.

 The sketch image shown helped one of our developer clients negotiate a site purchase for 10x new-build dwellings navigating various constraints such as Tree Preservation Orders (TPO’s), Flood Risk Zones, and a Conservation Area.

architect design feasibility

AURA Architecture are specialists in high-end residential architecture and property developments.

Since 2017 we’ve been designing home extensions and transformations, bespoke new builds, and small property developments for SME Developers across London and the Home Counties.

Our design-led studio creates simplelight-filled spaces that are energy-efficient, sustainable, and maximise space.

The final point above is the most relevant to a property developer like you!

We are experts in maximising space and therefore adding value to your property developments and investment schemes.

Do you need commercial architectural services rather than residential services?  Contact AURA today to find out how we can help.

Developers and property investors need architects that can do this…


Take a look at one of our schemes in Croydon where we added over £1M to the net profit margin.

See the ‘Whitehorse Stables’ development here (opens in new tab) pictured below.
aura homes clapham
aura homes clapham
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AWARD-WINNING Architecture Firm

We not only add value through maximising space for property developers and investors but our AWARD-WINNING design for one of our private homeowner clients was featured in BUILD Magazine 2019. Our Director, Ben, talks briefly about it here….

Architects for Developers….by developers.


This is why AURA Architecture is your best choice for your next property development project in London or Surrey. Many of our talented team of architects, designers and technicians carry out their own property developments. Because of this, they understand the whole property life cycle….from finance to utilities to sales brochures and all the other facets of development. Not only do our schemes look great and add value through design, but they also maximise square footage, are practical to build, and are delivered quickly!

Time is money when you’ve bought your site with bridging finance!
We understand your pain!

Talk: How to make your Property Development Sustainable

The Future Homes Standards are due to come into effect in 2025. How could these changes affect you? Watch the video to learn more,

Proud sponsors of Brendan Quinn’s National Development Summit 2020 in London

Find out how this event could benefit you below.  We look forward to seeing you next year.

If you’re a property investor or developer looking for an architect, there’s no better choice than AURA Architecture

aura homes clapham
aura homes clapham

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