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The Royal London borough of Chelsea successfully combines the characteristics of an affluent out-of-town location with the buzz and convenience of city centre living. We find Chelsea clients highly discerning and astute when upgrading their valuable properties, so here’s 4 reasons why many trust Aura with their Extension or Loft Conversion project:

All About You

First we consult. Then we create the perfect home to exceed your desires, graphically illustrated in detail using the latest 3D visual technology. And we keep your priorities front of mind thoughout the project.

Ethical Fee Structure

We believe that the traditional method of charging a percentage of the project cost is wrong, it incentivises the architect to needlessly bloat the project cost. View our simple pricing structure here.


Honesty and Integrity are increasingly rare commodities, but are a central component of our culture. It’s not what you do when people are watching, but what you do when they are not.

From design to completion… and beyond

Aura will manage every step of your project, even beyond completion. Attention to detail is one of our 5 core values.

Chelsea Architect Core Values

Stunning Chelsea Architecture

In serving this diverse and well-to-do area, we understand that the best Chelsea architects provide the cutting edge in modern architecture, and aim to be at the forefront in this with our talented in-house team.

Creating simple, light-filled spaces.

Chelsea is the most densely populated borough in the United Kingdom, so we focus on maximising space whilst tailoring it to your needs. Our team of architects find ingenious ways to use natural light to create a sense of wellbeing and airiness.

Fulfilling Dreams

We know that every client has an inward sense of what they want. We also know that it’s not always easy for our clients to express that. We take time to understand your vision of the perfect home right at the start, and then put your needs at the heart of everything we do.

Light Filled Space Kitchen Extension

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