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Looking for architects in Surrey?

AURA Architecture specialises in residential design, planning and home improvement projects across Surrey. Since 2014 we’ve been designing home extensions and refurbishments, loft conversions, basement conversions, and bespoke new build homes for our customers.

Our architects create simple, natural, light-filled spaces, that are energy-efficient, sustainable, and maximise your space. We can manage every aspect of the process for you including selecting and project managing the builder or main contractor.

We think about every aspect of a space when we prepare designs, making sure that we use the space carefully and creatively to create the home that you want.

Take a look at one of our Award Winning kitchen extension projects – a project in Wimbledon, pictured below:

Our AWARD WINNING scheme was featured in a BUILD Magazine.  Our Director, Ben talks briefly about it here….

Our 10-step design guide for homeowners

Our design guide takes you through the architectural design process from start to finish.  It sets out all the stages from initial design through to completion and shows you how we can help at each step of the way.

Download our free 10-Step Home Design Guide here


The first step is to contact us using our online enquiry form where you can create a design brief online.

We then look at local policies and planning history and meet with you to explain any constraints you may need to be aware of.

After that, we provide a written fee proposal and help you budget for other costs.

So that you can see how the project will look on completion, we produce three concept designs for you to choose from. These include floor plans, sketches, and can also include 3D images with our premium service.

You may require a planning application, to confirm that designs comply with all local planning regulation. We can complete this for you.

We also prepare all documents and drawings needed to show that the project complies with national Building Regulations.

To ensure the interior and finish of your space has a high-end finish that fully realises your plans, we provide a full Specification of Works covering interior design, finer finishes and fittings.

We also handle the tender process ensuring there is a range of competitive quotes from trusted suppliers for all work, and that contracts cover all critical information.

We monitor the build process, resolving any issues that arise and reporting back to you regularly.

At the end of this, the final stage is for you to ENJOY the space we’ve helped you create!


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The Core Values At AURA are:

  • Honesty and integrity
  • Innovation and creativity
  • Attention to detail
  • Understanding and respecting people
  • Sustainability

The values underpin our vision which is to:

  • Maximise your home’s space, ensuring that it’s tailored to your needs
  • Make use of natural light to improve your sense of well being and your home’s airiness
  • Create designs that are clean and simple, but use dashes of colour and textures to create added interest
  • Create energy-efficient buildings by thinking sustainably

Costs of Architects in Surrey:

Unlike many architects and architectural designers, our fee structure is entirely transparent.

We charge a flat fee of £75 per hour for our services and advise that our full range of services (if used) will be around 8-12% of your total build costs.

Typical architects in Surrey charge between 11-15% of the construction value.

More comprehensive details of our fees are shown online here

Planning in Surrey – how an architecture firm can help


Planning permission for new houses or extensions in Surrey is currently handled by each of 11 local councils.

For example, if you live in:

(a full list of all Surrey councils adjacent)

In theory, any architect can apply for permission from anywhere in the country, but there is much to be said for using a team that is already familiar with applications in Surrey.

Firstly, they know what to expect in performance, and can tell if a delay is typical or points to some problem. Secondly they get to know the favourite concerns or solutions that are raised or accepted by the team – this can help you make choices at the start of the project, rather than waiting until a problem comes up, and time is wasted.

At Aura the creative design skill for your ideal home is blended with practical knowledge of how local planning authorities think, saving you valuable time and money.

If you’d like to speak to us about our residential architect services and how they compare:


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